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Adam Fingerhut of Fingerhut Recruiting

Adam Fingerhut

Software Engineer Recruiting Expert

Providing exceptional talent and making delivery a top priority is why Adam Fingerhut started Fingerhut Recruiting. He wanted to be different and leverage his extensive recruiting expertise to provide his clients with affordable recruiting services. Adam Fingerhut is known as a top veteran tech recruiter in Chicago. Adam started Fingerhut Recruiting with only software engineer recruiting and has expanded into helping his clients with all their hiring needs. Fingerhut Recruiting is recognized as one of the best staffing firms in Chicago with nationwide reach. 

Why an hourly recruiting model?

When companies grow recruiters are needed and when hiring is limited, put on hold, or a reduction in force recruiters are the first to go. There is uncertainty in the recruiting space and for some the luxury of having a full-time internal recruiter isn’t an option.

One of the biggest benefits of Fingerhut Recruiting's hourly recruiting model is flexibility not only can you pause or switch a job search at anytime with two of the models, you can save the hours for future searches. When you need Adam Fingerhut to recruit he is here to help. When your all staffed up Adam is helping other clients. Adam operates as a member of your team.


Recruiting hours are an investment to the company and Adam wants to be conservative with them. If we have three candidates interviewing Adam will ask his clients if we should hold off on sourcing or not.  If we can make more hires using less hours it's a win win for both parties. Hourly recruiting provides cost-effective nationwide recruiting support, catering to all job openings from individuals contributors to executive searches. 

Adam is saving his clients an average of $16,126 per hire using the hourly recruiting model vs. using a recruiting firm that offers a 20% per hire salary based placement fee. If you are sick of paying expensive, need dedicated support, and want a veteran recruiter helping you find top talent this is the best recruiting option for your company.

There is a reason why Adam's clients keep coming back.

Adam Fingerhut and family

Ready to find the right talent for your team?

I’ll show you my approach to securing top talent without breaking the budget. 

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