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Helping companies nationwide with flexible cost-effective recruiting solutions

Adam Fingerhut specializes in finding the hard-to-find — without breaking the budget

Never waste precious time and money on traditional recruiting methods again. With Fingerhut Recruiting, you can eliminate high placement fees.

Young smiling software engineer at desk

Our Happy Clients

Why We're Different

Say hello to the smarter, more personal way to find talent who helps define your company’s future.

No more expensive placement fees

Optimize your budget and only pay for the recruiting services you need.

Get access to a nationwide network

Whether you’re seeking local talent or open to remote positions, we have the reach and connections to provide you with a diverse talent pool.

Experience an efficient and honest process

From initial candidate screening to final selection, Adam prioritizes transparency, ensuring you stay informed and involved throughout the entire recruitment journey.

Young, female software engineer working at computer

A better way to find talent

Say goodbye to sifting through profiles of unqualified candidates. Adam is committed to helping your company succeed with the right people.

Excellent at finding uniquely qualified candidates

"Adam understands the distinctions between different technical jobs and knows how to find the right fit for a specific role. He’s also a great communicator and keeps you in the loop with what’s important.”

Black, smiling male software engineer at desk
Young multiracial female business professional
Young, male software engineer holding tablet

The results back it up

Since August 2021, Our clients have saved $572,943.49 vs. using a 20% contingent firm with Adam being the sole recruiter. The same recruiter and level of quality on every search.

How it Works

Tell me everything you’re looking for in a candidate, and I’ll guide you on how I’ll find the perfect fit.

Adam Fingerhut of Fingerhut Recruiting

Meet Adam

Hi there!

I founded Fingerhut Recruiting to offer companies a dedicated recruiter on an hourly-based recruiting model. Because in my 10+ years in the tech recruiting space, some jobs take less time to fill, and some take more time. Working with us, you can get the most for your money and a list of perfectly-suited candidates I doubt you’d ever get from a costly contingent firm. 


I look forward to speaking with you and helping you achieve your hiring and business goals faster. 

Ready to find the right talent for your team?

Give me 30 minutes, and I’ll show you my approach to securing top talent without breaking the budget. 

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