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On-Demand Recruiting

Where fast-paced hiring meets top-tier talent acquisition.

When you need to fill multiple key positions fast without paying for a full-time recruiter, trust us to find who you need—on your terms


Whether you’re a startup, growing company, or established player, we specialize in nailing those hard-to-fill roles. The best part? You only pay for the recruiting services you need.

Why Fingerhut Recruiting?

Our agile and effective approach stands out by meeting you on your terms in a sea of recruitment options. Here's why it’s a wise investment for your talent-searching needs.

Access to expert recruiter

Get access to a veteran tech recruiter with 10+ years of experience sourcing and attracting top talent.

Attract top talent from every field

Our connections across multiple industries help narrow down qualified candidates for your company.

Flexibility and scalability

Scale up or down based on immediate hiring needs—ideal for companies who face unpredicted obstacles or fluctuations in hiring needs.

Cost-effective hiring

Eliminate 40-hour per week on-demand long-term contracts and/or expensive contingent/retained search fees.

Accelerated hiring process

When you need to hire fast, Adam can quickly identify and attract qualified candidates.







Our pricing model

Have a role you need to fill ASAP? Need to find multiple hires to help scale? We offer custom recruiting solutions that best fit your hiring needs.

Recruit any skill set (individual contributor to executive search)

No placement fees

Dedicated to filling your open position(s)

Recruiting Help Now
When you need dedicated and affordable hiring efforts in a tight window.
  • Starting at 140 dedicated recruiting hours over 5 weeks ($12,600)

  • Pause or change roles at any time

  • Ideal for high-growth hiring efforts and/or immediate hiring needs

Ongoing Recruiting Help
When your roles fluctuate and you want more flexibility with recruiting hours.
  • Starting at 75 dedicated recruiting hours over 24 months ($10,500)

  • Pause or change roles at any time

  • Ideal for high-growth hiring efforts and/or ongoing hiring needs

  • No minimum weekly or monthly hourly commitment

Choose a package based on your current and/or ongoing hiring needs.

Start your search with us today

Give me 30 minutes, and I’ll show you my approach to securing top talent without breaking the budget. 

Recent Hirings

Here are the latest roles we’ve been able to fill:

Head of Strategy & Execution

Director of Product Design

Implementation Consultant

Content Specialist

Director of Data

Product Support Engineer

Office Manager

Smiling young professional business woman

With over 10 years of professional recruiting experience, Adam has seen it all.

Tell Adam how he can help.

Software Engineer

DevOps Engineer

AI Engineer

Platform Engineer

Software Developer

Cloud Engineer

ML Engineer

Project Manager

Web Developer


Product Manager

Product Support Engineer

Mobile Engineer

VP of Engineering

Site Reliability Engineer

Business Analyst

Plus many more - just ask!
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